So you like storytelling, spirituality and Star Wars?

Here’s what you need to know about this newsletter. I write spiritual nonfiction and speculative fiction. I’m convinced the two are intrinsically linked, at least as far as I experience the world. And so, here, in this space, I’m exploring what that means.

So, you’ll receive two kinds of things.

  1. Essays and reflections on spirituality. I’m a Catholic. And I’m heavily influenced by Ignatian spirituality. What’s that mean? In short, the Holy is lurking in all things; everywhere and everything is dripping with grace. And we’re invited to collaborate in this project: a project of justice, compassion, mercy and awe as we care for all of creation, and one another. My essays will hopefully, kinda sorta hit those themes. For a more thorough introduction, check out my very first piece, “A Why, a Welcome and a Worldbuilding Proposal.”

  2. Speculative fiction. I love science fiction. I love fantasy. I love Star Wars. And I love to try my hand at crafting my own stories. A good example of the kinds of fiction to expect is my short story, “The Trading Post.”

I try to write something in one of those two categories once a week. If you want more, check out my website. I’ve got a book on spirituality and storytelling and a whole bunch of articles, essays and stories over there.

Finally, why call it story scraps? Because that’s what spiritual writing is: pieces of our own stories woven together in an audacious attempt to make it all mean something. To understand what we’re about as creatures roaming the universe. And that’s what good stories do, too. They shine that same light.

And so I hope that my humble offering of these scraps of stories might be useful.

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I write spiritual nonfiction, speculative fiction and very often about #StarWars. Author, "Cannonball Moments" (